Cute Love poem and Cute Girls pictures

Cute Little Smile.:

It's that cute little smile that gets me every time,
That Twinkle that reaches your eyes every time.
When your face has fallen into sad times,
It feels like the whole world has lost it's light.

It's that cute little smile that makes me knees weak,
makes all my insides turn to wiggling jello.
With that cute little smile on your face,
the world is a happy place, with laughter filled.

It's that cute little smile that makes me feel so special,
Every time it's pointed at me, I just have to smile back.
No matter how bad my day was I see that smile,
and I have to smile because of that cute little smile.

It's that cute little smile I dream of at night,
with those baby blue eyes so wicked at times.
I couldn't imagine that cute little smile not in my life,
that cute smile belongs to my baby,
and she is all mine. :) <3

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