Use of Laptop


PLEASE DoN`T use Laptop On CARPET And In BED, 
IT`S Dangerous, 

Arfa Karim Poem

A poem written by     

"Arfa Karim"

~Like A Bird In The Sky ;
_Flying Freely And So High ;
_Like A Fish In The Water ;
_And The Kings Beautiful Daughter. 

~Like A Tiny Little Mouse ;
_Eating Cheese Around The House ;
_Like A Bear In The Mountain ;
_And The Water In The Fountain. 

~Like A Lion In The Jungle ;
_Roaring Loudly With Hunger ;
_Like A Monkey In The Zoo ;
_All The Time Copying You. 

Romantic Love Poem

life in me is, what you give..

If questioning would make us wise,
No eyes would ever turn in eyes;
If all our desire were told in speech,
No mouths would wander each to each...

Were souls free from mortal mesh,
And love not bounce in hearts of flesh;
No aching breasts would desire to meet,
And find their designation to complete.

For who is there that lives and knows,
The secret powers by which he grows?
Were knowing all, what were our need,
To thrill and faint and sweetly bleed?.

Then seek ain`t, sweet, the "If" and "Why",
"I love you" NOW "until I die".
For I only love because I live,
And life in me is, what you give.<3

Romantic Love Poem for Love

O my Love`s like a red Rose

O my Love`s like a red Rose
That's Newly sprung in June,
O my Love`s like the Melodie
That's sweetly played in tune...

As fair Art though, my bonnie Lass
So deep in Love am I,
And I will Love the still, my dear,.
Till  the Seax Gang Dry.

Till the seas gang dry, my dear;
And the rocks melt with the sun,
I will Love the still, my dear;
While the sands of life shall run.

And fare the weel, my only Love;
And fare the weel aa while!
And I will come again, my Luve;
Though it ware ten thousand mile.</3

Camila Belle pictures

Camila Belle;

Date of Birth :
2 October, 1986, Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name;
Camila Belle Routh

Height :
5`8" (1.73m)...

Camilla Belle Routh Born in California, Her mother, "Cristina", is Brazilian, and Her father, "Jack", is American. Her mother is a fashion designer and her father owns a construction company. He is building Belle her first home. Camilla is an only child.She played a roles in Movies.She`s one of the cute and beautiful Actress.

Kelly Clarkson Pictures

Kelly Clarkson;

Date of Birth :
24 April 1982, Fort Worth, Texas, USA..

Birth name :
Kelly Brianne Clarkson

Nickname :

Height :
5`3 (1.61m)

Cute Love poem and Cute Girls pictures

Cute Little Smile.:

It's that cute little smile that gets me every time,
That Twinkle that reaches your eyes every time.
When your face has fallen into sad times,
It feels like the whole world has lost it's light.

Moustache with a moustache

10 Iconic Mustaches

Do you know that November is National Mustache Month.November is the month when all over the U.S become "Mo Bros" for a very good cause.These people are very famous celebrities and looks so great and did really well to there Mustaches.They think that Mustache is the Beauty ov men and beauty.

Funny costumes

Hillarious And Weird Dressing

Why people use to wear weird dressing, to look funny or what,who knows.
The peoples whom show off in these pics,look terrible haaa....

Top 10 Richest Footballers

No.1 : David Beckham
Net worth approximately "$219 million".
Earnings "$40 million"
Current Club: Los Angeles Galaxy.... 

Beautiful Colours

Colours make our Life Beautiful and Attractive. ...

Love Dialogues

A Girl asked her Boyfriend:

GF: Why do you lub me?
BF: I have no reason.

GF: didnt like it and said,

GF: No., Give me a reason.?
BF: Ohkkkk…

Samsung Galaxy and Iphone

Sygic is a voice guided GPS Navigation which funtions fully offline once downloaded,

It`s packed with latest maps and robust set of Navigation...
Sygic GPS Navigation works without a Net connection,and the Maps are updated for free once downloaded,
 Sygic GPS Navigation is available for: 
               "Apple, Android, Symbian, Bada".

Sygic Downloading Links:  

For Androids:

sygic maps:

Pakistan Maps Data :

Copy the "Aura" Folder root of SDcard....Install APK and skip register.

For iPhone/iPad/iPod :

For Symbian :

The Movie "Warrior"

Brothers Became Warrior;
The two Brothers fought against each other for their problems to make them solved. 
The youngest son,named "Hardy" of an Alcoholic former boxer,named "Nolte" returns home, where he's trained by his father for competition in a mixed martial arts tournament"MMA" where he`ll face his older brother,named "Edgerton".

Two brothers face the fight of a lifetime, and recollideof their broken family. An ex-Marine haunted by a tragic past.

"Tommy Riordan" returns to his hometown of Pittsburgh and enlists his father, "a recovered alcoholic and his former coach" to train him for an "MMA" tournament,Awarding the biggest title in the history of the sport. 

Arfa Karim Randhawa Pride of Pakistan

Arfa Karim Randhawa;
Microsoft Engineer in small age.

Arfa Karim Randhawa born in 1995, and Died On January 14, 2012. 
16 years old Arfa Karim passed away at Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Lahore.

In Jatt Randhawa family was a student from Faisalabad in Pakistan, who in 2004 at the age of 9 years, became the youngest Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) in the world.

My poem

Bad Boy Hun Per Dil Ka 
Bura Nahi;

Panga lene ka or 
tension lene ka nahi,
Life me koi aye wo bichr jaye
uske peeche rone ka nahi,
Koi maar de jo thapar
uske samne jhukne ka nahi,
Zakham de koi bari bedardi k sath
usko maaf krne ka nahi,...

Cute Girls pictures

CUTE Girls WalLpApErSs Continue..

Sad Poem

You can tell me you love me,
You can tell me you care,
But I can never trust you
No, not again,.....
You broke my heart,
Left it shattered....

And then you walked away
You left me speechless wht could i say?
You said you would never leave me,
That you loved me forever
But now i know the truth

Cool romantic poem

Khuda Jaanay Kashish Kaisi Hai Uski Yaadon Main ,>

Main Uska Zikar Cheron To Hawa'in Raqs Karti Hain..!!!!!

You are deep in my Heart just that I know,
I dreamed you each time when I close my eyes.

Devil may cry game

"Heaven and hell suppose two Distinct species of men,
the Hegood and the bad.
but the greatest part of  mankind float betwixt
vice and virtue."...

Love Advise

When Someone Cares For Us,

We Think They are Boring Us.


When We Really Need Them,

Someone Else Have Already Liked Their Boring Care!"

Realise It Before You Lose.....=)

Love poetry

Don`t Promise Me,
That tomorrow will be Fine ...

Just Promise Me,
That U will always be in my Tomorrow...</3

Relationships Quotes

No one in the world
has the ability to stop
their Tears,

Their loved one’s says to

“Don’t leave me, I need


“Leave me, I don’t need

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Power Of Silence

Growing Seed Makes


Falling Tree Makes

Destruction Has Noise,

Creation Is Always Quiet ,

This Is The Power Of SILENCE !!

Love is forever

If love is sweet why does it hurt,
if love is deep why does it burn,
if love is warm why do we shiver,
if love is tender why do we cry,
if love is forever why do we die....!!!

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A HEART die’s

A HEART die’s when it is not able to share’s its FEELINGS…, 
A HEART Kills itself when another Heart does not Understands its Feelings.

Missing you my Love

Earth may stop rotating,
Birds may stop flying, 
Candles may stop melting, 
Fishes may stop swimming, 
Heart may stop breathing, 
I will never stop,
Missing you my Love.</3

Mohabbat Love

Mohabbat Ka Khumaar Utraa
To Tab
Saabit Hua…

Jisay Manzil Samajhe They
Wo Be-Maqsad
Safar Niklaa…

How to Propose a Girl

Sweetest way tO prOpOse a girl;

YOur name seems tO be very shOrt,

sO if yOu agree, 

I can dOnate my name tO cOmplete yOur’s...</3

I LOVE YOU wallpaper

If I get your Smile

If I get your smile, 
I don’t need flowers. 
If I get your voice, 
I don’t need music. 
If you speak to me, 
I don’t listen any body else,
If you are with me,
I don’t need the world.
Love You...</3

Love is possible

Love is possible after Friendship 
Friendship is not possible after Love
Medicines work before Death 
Later nothing can be cured..!!!

Feel My Love

If a kiss was a raindrop I’d send you showers, 
If a hug was a second I’d send you hours, 
If happiness was sand I’d send you the sea, 
If love was a person I’d send you me.

I Love You Poem

I love y0u is no wonder, but why I love me I always wonder.
Love one another & Y0u will be happy; it is simple and difficult as that.
Love Is the Sun That Nourishes Emotions!
Love the one who loves you most, rather than the ones whom you love.
Love can heal any wound, what can heal the wound from love?
What is Life? Life is Love? What is Love? Love is Y0u.</3

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Love you poem

♥ ♥ Iƒ A Pєяѕση Lσνєѕ Yσυ

♥ ♥ Aℓωαуѕ Bє Tнαηкƒυℓ Tσ Tнαт Pєяѕση

♥ ♥ Yσυ Kησω Wну ? ? ?
... ... ... ...
♥ ♥ Bє¢αυѕє Tнєяє Aяє Lσт Oƒ Pєσρℓє Wнσ Lσνє Tнαт Pєяѕση Mσяє Tнαη Yσυ

♥ ♥ Bυт Tнαт Pєяѕση Sтιℓℓ Cнσσѕє Tσ Lσνє Yσυ ♥ ♥

Missing you


COMPROMISING” doesn’t mean that

your are wrong and someone is right,

it only means that

you value your “RELATIONSHIP”

much more then your “EGO”.

Definition of Love

Perfect Definition of Love;

To give someone the complete authority 
to destroy you 
At the same time 
being confident that he Or she will never do it..</3

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Most Beautiful you Love poem

It may blossom in the spring, 
when the Sun shines in, 
and birds do sing. 
Grow this rose of beauty within, 
as thorns spring forth, 
at a new days end.
From lessons of life,
this love will shine through,
God has created a most beautiful You.</3

Let Love Find You

Don’t search luv;

let luv find y0u. It’s called falling in luv,

coz y0u don’t force urself to fall,

y0u just fall and there will be someone to catch y0u.</3

Friendship or Love

Two things can never be defined in whole life;

<1> LOVE: Because you never know who LOVES you how much.

<2> FRIEND: Because you never know how deeply they care about YOU.

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She Won’t Cry poetry

She Won’t Cry;

You see the hope that is finally dead,
She cannot trust for her heart has been bled,
She won’t cry.
No, she won’t cry.

You see the love that lies within,
But she shall never love again,
She won’t cry.
No, she won’t cry.

You see death’s hand that has glazed her eyes,
No one saw her die inside,
They won’t cry.
No, they won’t cry.

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